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Integrated Property Management

Integrated Property Management

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Let us work with you online and in person to source, organise quotes, broker and facilitate delivery of services from independent contractors and suppliers.

Organising contractors, surveyors, health and safety consultants and the broad range of service providers necessary to run residential or commercial property is time consuming, costly and often distracts from core tasks and responsibilities such as customer service and communications.

IPM will take the pressure of sourcing potentially suitable suppliers, brokering optimal prices and facilitating delivery of the service(s).

By working with IPM to help organise delivery of services for you, you will save time and cost, extend your geographical reach and increase customer retention and satisfaction.

To instruct us on a service you require, please select whether you want IPM to facilitate:

  • Quotes from multiple potential suppliers
  • Support or a quote from a specific supplier on your IPM Network.

Whichever you select, IPM will source and broker the required quoted then will work with you to facilitate delivery of the service you select.


IPM provides business support for companies by sourcing and helping organise relationships and work between companies principally in the property sector. Although IPM takes every reasonable care to ensure the suitability of the relationships we facilitate, we take no responsibility for the quality of any services, products or properties delivered as a result of our introductions or any associated action.

People and companies engaging any third party services or purchasing or selling property should satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the supplier, or principal, or the prospective asset, prior to any associated transactions. IPM is never a party to any contractual or financial arrangement between the parties we introduce and we accept no responsibility for any liabilities which may ensue.

Integrated Property Management provides a non-advisory service.